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I am Ben.  I started running in June of 2011 – a little more than 3 years before my 30th birthday.  After a couple of weeks of it, I found it invigorating.  But I needed a goal.  The first goal had been to start running; once I had done that fairly regularly for a couple weeks, I felt I needed something more.  So it hit me that my birthday always falls during the month of the Chicago Marathon.  Then I decided that since it is over 3 years away, my utterly out of shape body can handle train for it.  So I made that my new goal.

I like to blog.  I’ve had a couple in the past that have worked out well and were a lot of fun.  So the next thought  was to have some fun with training for the marathon, and started this blog.  My plan over the next 3 years is to share with the world how my runs go, how my races go, and overall just how my training goes.  I am going to run to my 30th birthday and this site will be the chronicle of my story.

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