Finding Motivation

It’s been a while since I wrote, and my running hasn’t been much more regular.  Since I last wrote, I’ve had plenty of ups and downs and it all can be broken down into three periods in my running.

Lung Run 10k 
Back in August I went to Toronto and fully intended to keep up with my training schedule, but found it difficult to run in the hotel’s gym.  Then once I got back I was a bit discouraged after missing a bit and ended up falling further behind.  I didn’t run for a couple of weeks, but I was determined to still run the race!  Once September rolled around I found the motivation to get back out there because the race was scheduled for the 17th.  I had a couple of solid runs and felt confident enough to attempt the race.

On race day, we arrived about half an hour before the race started, so we hung out by the lake for a bit.  I did my stretches, and then it was time to start.  I did pretty good at the beginning, but lost some of my pace after the first mile.  By about halfway through, I was getting tired and my time was suffering.  In the end, I did complete the race and that’s all that matters!

Over the winter it was very difficult to find the motivation to go out running.  The weather was cold, and a lot of the time that kept me inside, but a couple of times I braved the weather and went outside anyway.  After a few times of running in the cold, I started trying to run at the indoor track at a nearby park, and that worked a few times.  But it grew old pretty quickly because it is just running around in a circle over and over and over again.  Later in the season we tried out the gym at my work, but that didn’t last long either.  I have so much trouble running on treadmills!

Early Spring and Soldier Field 10 Mile
With the warm weather this early spring, I have been able to get out a few times running.  It’s also helped that I’m hoping to run the Soldier Field 10 Mile run over Memorial Day Weekend – though if I don’t really start training for it, I’ll have to find an easier race to do instead.  At this point I can run about 4 miles without too much trouble, but I need to push myself to do at least 6 miles by now.

Overall the hardest part I’m finding about running is finding the time and the motivation to actually get out to run.  Here’s hoping that as the weather continues to improve, I’ll find it easier and easier.  After all, I was very good about running regularly during the summer last year.  Also, the more I get out running, the more of these I will get to see:

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