Easy? No. Easier? Yes.

It’s getting easier.  Yesterday my 10k training sent me on a 2 mile run.  A few weeks ago I would’ve cringed at the thought, and then would have proceeded to huff and puff like a hufflepuff through the whole run.  This time, I actually looked forward to a shorter run than I’d been doing the last few times, and didn’t have too much trouble throughout.  That said, I did find the first few blocks to be rather brutal on my legs but I attribute that more to the fact that I haven’t gotten used to getting up in the morning to run yet.

As for times, I took a little slower pace in the beginning and finished the first mile in 11:44 (which, for the record, is immensely better than I did just a week earlier when I ran a mile in 13:26).  The second mile was 13:56, for a total time of 25:51.  Today I am “resting” before a 3 mile run tomorrow.  I’ve actually decided that “resting” means doing a bunch of crunches to try to get myself in better shape overall, and that’s been going pretty well too.  We’ll see how things turn out in a couple months.

I also discovered today that there is a Packers 5k.  That is totally going on my list of must runs for next year.  The run starts on Lombardi Ave (the road outside Lambeau Field), goes through some of the neighborhood, and culminates in a run through the player’s tunnel and around the field inside the stadium.  It would be so fun to run through the tunnel and inside the great bowl!


Photo credit:  Easy Run by Banalities

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