Greek Food and Training for 10k

Yesterday I was supposed to run 2.5 miles as the first run of my training for the Lung Run 10k.  Instead, I went to an engagement party for a Greek friend and filled my face with some outstanding cuisine.  By the time we got home I was far too tired and full to run, so I vowed to get up this morning and do the run instead.  Now I admit that in the past doing morning runs has not been easy for me to do and today was no exception.  When that alarm went off all I wanted to do was roll over and go back to bed (it didn’t help that I was tossing and turning all night!).  But I gradually began to awaken and then the thought of running became easier and easier.

Once I got going I did really well.  I started running a little earlier – it seems one of the hardest parts is getting my legs to transition from walking to running – and just kept going.  Every time I got tired I just thought, just run to the next driveway and then you can walk again.  Then when I would get to the next driveway I’d just think oh that wasn’t so bad.  How about one more driveway.  And that pattern repeated until I completed the first mile at which point I decided I could justify walking for a few minutes.  After all, I ran a mile in 10:52 – my first sub 11 minute/mile.  The second mile took a little longer.  I clocked it in 13:17, but that was still faster than the second mile of my run on Sunday.  Overall I am very pleased with how I did and I’m looking forward to running again tomorrow night!


Photo Credit: Spinach Pie and Baklava Greek Food by stevendepolo

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