A Mile in 11 Minutes – Almost


Well I didn’t make it to the indoor track today like I had planned, but instead I waited until after dark to run.  It was 78 degrees out with a 70 degree dew point, so overall a little better than yesterday morning.  I certainly didn’t feel like I was swimming, but then again it was still less than ideal weather.  Plus, it was dark!  Oh well, I must have done something right, though, because I ended up with a good run.  The first mile I was able to complete in 11 minutes, 1 second.  That beat my previous best single mile by over a minute – and that was just a little over a week ago!  I think that’s pretty good progress if I do say so myself (and I guess by typing that I did say so myself so…there).  And ok, I admit I was nowhere near as fast as a Cheetah, but after running a mile that fast tonight I feel a bit like a Cheetah, or maybe I’m more like Tony the Tiger?

As you can see, the total distance was the same as yesterday but the time was like 3 minutes shorter.  So that’s another positive thing about the run tonight!

Anyway, starting this week I will be beginning a training program for the 10k I’ll be running in September.  It seems like the schedule has me doing “big” runs on Sundays and gradually increasing the distance on those runs until the day of the race.  The first “big” run, to be completed next Sunday, is 3 miles.  So I’ll be aiming for that this week.

Photo credit: Martin_Heigan

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