Running After a Record Rain

Last night we had 7 or 8 inches of rain – I forget the exact amount, but suffice it to say it was enough for a fish to end up in our yard even though the closest pond is a couple blocks away.  Anyway, this morning we went for a run.  It was a mistake to run outside after such a storm.  Not only did we find many puddles like the one in the picture, completely blocking the sidewalk, but it was so incredibly humid that it felt like we were swimming.

The run itself was about 2 miles at a slower pace than usual, but I guess it wasn’t too bad considering the humidity, puddles, and the fact I hadn’t run in over a week (that’s what happens when heat waves hit).  The first mile was better than the second – a 13:26 pace vs. 15:23.  I’m planning another run tomorrow at a free indoor track nearby, so hopefully I’ll get some better times.  In the meantime, here’s the overall summary:


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