The Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead

Today I start a journey (well technically I started on Sunday because that was when I decided to run the marathon and start this blog, but we’ll go ahead and count today as the start).  I am going to run the Chicago Marathon.  But not until my 30th birthday.  I couldn’t run it today; I can barely run 3 miles today.  It feels weird talking about running a marathon when I haven’t even completed a 5k but that’s the whole point of this blog – to record my journey from barely running at all to a marathon runner, all by my 30th birthday.

My 30th birthday falls the same month as the Chicago Marathon, so that will be the target.  Along the way I’ll set small goals that can be achieved in the meantime.  You can read some of them on the Goals page.  Over time as I accomplish each goal, I’ll mark it off there so I can see the progress I’ve made.  I’ll also keep a list of my Personal Bests, and probably list some milestone achievements there as well.

The first race I plan on running will be the Lung Run on September 17th in Chicago.  It’s a 10k so it will be a little tough for a first race, but I am close to being able to run a 5k now (I know because I ran with my wife for a practice run last week before she competed in the Fleet Feet Sports Women’s 5k) and I have about 8 weeks to train for it.

When I run, I’ll be using apps on my iPhone (currently using Runkeeper but if someone has a better alternative let me know) to track how I do.  After each run I’ll try to make a post about how it went, how I felt, and include a screenshot of my time and distance.

I’m off now – unfortunately not to run as it is way too hot out, but hopefully I’ll get a run in soon and be back to write about it!


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