Nat King Cole as Workout Music?

Yesterday morning I managed (with some help from my wife) to get out of bed early and go for a run.  It was a significant achievement.  While I do tend to be more of a morning person than a night owl (usually up by 7 or 8 and in bed by 11, even on the weekends), I’m often a bit slow moving in the mornings.  So I’m sure it wasn’t easy for my wife to drag my crankypants self out of bed.  I didn’t want to get up, even though I had asked for help getting up.  However, it turned out to be a nice morning run.

I knew I needed to be back home by 6:30 in order to get ready for work, which gave me about 30 minutes to run.  My approach was to go as far as I could and turn around when my RunKeeper app told me I’d been running for 15 minutes.  It worked pretty well, and I think I’ll do that again the next time I run before work.  I did the thing again where I run for one song, then walk the next.  However, there was one song that came up but for some reason I found myself running halfway through it.  It just felt like a nice, upbeat song to run to.  It was this:

photo (4)

It felt weird finding Nat King Cole to bring me to run, considering the thing we all know him so well for is classic Christmas Music.  But when you think about it, his career was built on big band and jazz music, the type of music that belonged in night clubs that people would get up and dance to.  And isn’t running just a type of dance, when all is said and done?

On the playlist today:  Nat King Cole (photo credit: on flickr)


Workout summary:

photo (5)


Question of the day:  What’s the strangest music you’ve ever worked out to?


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It’s been a while…

It’s been far too long since I ran, but I made it out today!  In the past I’ve had trouble keeping with running because I always tend to expect immediate results – meaning I expect to be able to run a 12 minute mile this week and an 11 minute mile next week.  Sometimes that works, but over the long term it has consistently made me fail.  Today, instead of focusing on the result, I tried to focus on the activity itself, and ended up having a great time.

I made it nearly 3.5 miles and felt like I could keep going – not bad for someone who hadn’t gone for a run in months.  I didn’t actually run the whole time.  I started by walking about 3 minutes, then ran for about 1 minute.  I continued alternating like that for about 15 minutes while I listened to a Themis Bar Review lecture (yeah, that July Bar Exam is already weighing on my mind and starting to invade my life!). I switched to Pandora radio, and then I ran during one song, walked during the next, and continued alternating in that manner for the remainder of the run.

On the playlist today… this guy:

IMG_0602Then this:

IMG_0608And finally, a run summary:




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